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Mai Tai Tropical Juice Blend

Based on the original Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai profile, this delicious pineapple-forward blend of pineapple, lime and orange juices will have you dreaming of the tropics after just one sip. A refreshing summertime Tiki favorite that is excellent on the rocks or blended!
Product Features
  • Create authentic Mai Tais based on the Trader Vic’s 1953 Royal Hawaiian recipe that made the cocktail famous
  • Made with premium, single pressed lime juice, Dole® pineapple juice, and premium orange juice.
Behind the Bar
  • This pineapple forward juice blend is excellent in any recipe calling for pineapple juice
  • Makes an excellent Mai Tai with or without the traditional dark rum float
  • Perfect to use in batching a tropical punch base
  • Works well in frozen applications, alone, or as a tropical accent in existing frozen cocktails


Finest Call Mai Tai Tropical Juice Blend Incluye
Key Limes
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Finest Call Mai Tai Tropical Juice Blend Incluye
Dole Pineapple
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Finest Call Mai Tai Tropical Juice Blend Incluye
Premium Oranges
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