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Old Fashioned Mixer

Perk up your bourbon, whiskey, and brandy with Finest Call Old Fashioned Mix, an amazing blend of bitter, sweet and sour flavors all in one bottle! Go classic with one of America’s first cocktails.
Product Features
  • Create this popular classic cocktail in one simple step
  • Contains dark sweet cherry juice, orange juice, natural aromatic bitters, lightly sweetened with simple syrup
Behind the Bar
  • Includes authentic aromatic bitters, orange oils, and real cherry juice, for a one step Old Fashioned
  • Recipe is based on the original Old Fashioned from the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Bittersweet combination that produces spice notes including cinnamon and nutmet, which works well with spiced rum
  • Dubbed America’s first cocktail, Old Fashioneds have been appearing on bar menus for over 100 years


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