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Premium Bloody Mary Mixer

This premium blend is based on the same scratch recipe that brought the Bloody Mary worldwide fame nearly a century ago – tomato juice, black pepper, pure lemon juice, and a delicious blend of savory spices. Why mix 10-12 ingredients for a single cocktail when Finest Call brings them all together in one Bloody Mary mix?
Product Features
  • 96% juice from California Roma tomatoes
  • Slightly spicy Bloody Mary that caters to those who prefer a milder Bloody Mary using a classic spice blend of garlic, onion, celery and ground pepper
Behind the Bar
  • Traditional style Bloody Mary
  • Can be used as a quick and efficient way to create a signature Bloody Mary with fewer ingredients
  •  Flavorful Bloody Mary that works well with vodka, as well as citrus and pepper flavored vodkas
  • Essential on a Bloody Mary Bar, where patrons can control their own level of heat


Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Mixer Incluye
Roma Tomatoes
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